The Regime of Giant Church Inc

I’m no longer part of the Giant Church Inc world but we still hear stories of what’s happening there. Not much has changed. They keep a tighter grip on their inner circle and have let a few more into the outer inner circle. The outer inner circle is not the real inner circle but those in it believe it is – which is the point.

The latest podcast episode in the The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill made me remember why I was part of Giant Church Inc, why I left, why I told my story, and why I listen to others who tell their stories. The way Giant Church Inc does things is nothing new. It’s the same old script across denominations, traditions, church sizes, and organizations. It happens in Seattle, Orlando, Decatur, and Boston. It happens in Baptist and Presbyterian churches, non-denominational ones, Catholic dioceses, non-profits, and corporations.

Wherever humans are, it happens.

How do we change it? I believe we change it – one heart at a time.

We tell our stories. We love. We forgive. We become the men and women God created us to be. And we pray for the courage to ask God: am I living life with You? Or am I doing what others tell me to do? Do I depend on You, God? Or do I depend on my position at work, church, or school?

May we have the courage to ask the hard questions and listen to the latest episode in this excellent series about Giant Church Inc. They talk about the inner circle, the outer inner circle, and the reason why we’re pushed to shared our most painful experiences with our small groups so quickly.

Photo by Imprensa AgruBan®

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